Stanko Špoljarić review

A nostalgic note is the constant of visual expression of Dražen Eisenbeisser. The choice ofsubjects offers such willingness embedded in the synthesis of bygone times and today factuality. Beauty traces of historical woven embedded in picturesque buildings, woven inthe epidermis scarring overcharged in the reality of architecture simultaneously monumental and fragile. Eisenbeisser is a master of drawing of artifical subtle weaving. He recognizes in external continuously contents. Even in full descriptiveness of material Eisenbeisser retains a measure of symbolic, in detailing the scope for significantly said to be poetic staged. His drawings have often a large format, and he tends towards perfection of all particles carefully entering into every corner of the surface. However, in a kind of documentary precision the atmosphere of image goes away from realism and Eisenbeisser closer states radiance of beauty raised from any harshness. He accentuates with great art scene the look of straordinary visual attractiveness that without his artistic interventions would be just the usual sequence of architectural clip. Eisenbeisser focuses only on fragments, such as an old door , street lamps, verticality of church tower but he insists also on breadth of vision a characteristic of picturesque urban wholeness. Varaždin and Koprivnica offer numerous  buildings of monumental features but also views of the predominantly sacral edifice. Eisenbeisser stagnates near the tenement facade finding in the tissue of masonry structures grateful for the meticulous play in the formation of surface. But cities also pulsate in dialogue between architecture and vegetation with the openness of the sky as guidelines of the sensual atmosphere of painting enriched with milde or pronounced shifts of light. Using the chalk, the softness of painting material Eisenbeisser achieved countless seemingly indistinguishable but important transitions , tonal variety with ranges of chromatic saturation values to airy party scene. Eisenbeisser insists with enviable visual culture with his painting on developing light, an element that destroys and builds form, defines the foreground,and the shadings take away any form of tangibility from deep space. Pravailing lyrical connotation does not exclude the  dramatic clash attained with compositional dynamics, rhythm of solid surfaces, clusters of buildings and emptied space. In the gradual construction of painting even small changes lead to visual and emotional twists in the artist who truly adopted all motives. In the paintings produced by long, cursory or prolonged observation template and work is just the concretization of the memorized. And hand skills trasformed a sequence of experienced images into an unique impression, into the duration of sparks in a continuous growth of beauty. External and internal, personal and universal. Eisenbeisser even in the undeniable artistic discipline does not lose his feeling for creative play, to test the tonal richness, for proofing vibrancy of surfaces of divorced facades. With warm tones unites all bays discovering the patina and the pace of everyday. Eisenbeisser awakened with the expansion of forces of beauty to citizens of their cities the charm of the buildings and streets where those citizens pass. With art a gift of his talent and sensibility.
Stanko Špoljarić